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Three Principles Of Gas Boiler Room Construction
Mar 15, 2017

Gas steam boiler, gas-fired hot water boiler is widely used in all walks of life, in order to ensure the safe operation of gas boiler, the user in the construction of the boiler room should be fully considered.

The construction of gas boiler room generally follows three principles: space, space and protection.

Simply speaking, the boiler room position should not interfere with each other and production and living, and the main building for a distance, do the best safety distance of one hand will minimize interference noise.

The space layout of the boiler room must meet the requirements of installation, operation and maintenance, and is easy to prevent moisture and corrosion.

The boiler room is better scalability, auxiliary equipment, convenient installation, convenient operation for protection.

You can call us if you have any questions,we sincerely for your service.

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