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The Future Development Direction Of The Domestic Boiler Industry
Dec 20, 2016

It is understood that the gas boiler industry in China is still a continuous development of the industry. However, China's boiler industry and enterprises are also facing various challenges and opportunities.

Boiler industry must adhere to market-oriented strategy, closely rely on scientific and technological progress, relying on scientific and technological innovation, in the national energy and environmental policy guidance, adjust the enterprise structure and product structure, manufacturing sales in line with market demand in the fierce competition in the market share of the boiler A place. China's boiler product market development, more and more energy policy and energy saving, environmental protection requirements constraints. With the popularity of high-performance products and product quality improvement, after 2010, about 70,000 tons per year of steam boiler needs to be updated, coupled with new installed capacity, from the demand perspective, to 2010, the annual demand for industrial boilers About 10 to 12 million tons of steam.

Fuel gas boilers and other clean combustion technology boilers in large and medium-sized cities will be rapid development of gas-fired boilers will have made great progress, burning solid waste and biomass boilers have greater market potential, regenerative electric boiler System with the power industry reform and development of its market will be further widened. Therefore, the use of clean fuel and clean combustion technology, high efficiency, energy saving, low pollution boiler boiler product development trend, to high-end and high value-added products market development

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