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Prevent The Six Methods Of Gas Boiler Room Gas Leak
Mar 10, 2017

When gas boiler room design and construction in strict accordance with the GB50041-1992 specification for design of boiler house design and construction of the relevant provisions of, designed by a qualified professional design units and construction units to carry on the design and construction, the boiler room more the norm in the design and construction phase, eliminate potential safety problems, to prevent the leakage of natural gas.

Daily gas boiler when using, need to focus on the abnormal situation whether natural gas boiler room, abide by the following six methods, which can effectively ensure the safety of gas use.

1.To establish and perfect the system of boiler room in all kinds of safety management

Gradually establish the gas-fired boiler room safety rules, the gas hot water boiler accident treatment procedures, "the responsibility system for production safety", "Tours of inspection system", "the provisions of article 10 to prevent electrostatic hazards", "to prevent poisoning choke ten sets", the system of fire control safety inspection, the top ten ban for fire and explosion prevention, safety rules, operating procedures, the system of equipment maintenance and the post responsibility system, strengthen the safety management of boiler rooms.

2.Strengthening the staff safety education and training

To strengthen the staff safety education training, improve staff safety and emergency ability.

3.By means of science and the existing testing instruments found leakage hidden trouble in time, take preventive measures in advance

According to the inspection personnel's sense of smell and hearing

After gas leak, because it is lighter than air, will soon be gathered in the interior, the main component of natural gas is lighter than air, methane in hydrogen gas into the four thiaphenol so that the user identification, leakage should reach 1%, the user will smell of rotten eggs smell.

Detection of soap and water

Use watering can to soap and water is sprayed in the part of the need to detect or need to be detected to soap and water to brush with the brush, observe whether soap water foaming judge whether there is a leak, according to the blister initiated and rupture time to determine the size of the leakage.

The instrument detection

By using more advanced hand gas detection instrument for testing.


4.Installation of gas leakage alarm detection system

Installed in the boiler room indoor high gas leakage alarm system, alarm and monitoring system of chain.

When the test values of gas leak alarm e. when reaching sound alarm monitoring system at the same time start the boiler room ventilation fan, staff according to the value of the alarm display in a short period of time to find leak point and contact the gas company's relevant departments for repair in time.


5.Strict safety operation

Strengthen the management of fire safety

Put an end to open fire, all people entering the boiler plant shall be forbidden with fire.

Domestic demand in boiler room use electric welding and gas welding operations, strictly according to the procedures for examination and approval of hot, take all necessary precautions, construction work full-time security officer and the main leadership workshop to monitor at the scene.

Piled up any flammable items prohibited in the boiler room and sundry.

Antistatic explosion-proof measures

Every year, static electricity and lightning protection grounding device of gas pipeline and electrical equipment for testing the grounding line, to ensure explosion protection safety fire protection equipment in good condition, static electricity and lightning can receive timely release; The adoption of explosion-proof lighting, explosion-proof instrument and other explosion-proof electrical equipment.


6.Boiler combustion adjustment and monitoring operation

When the boiler combustion adjustment too fast, to prevent boiler after flameout, in furnace and leakage of flue gas;

Staff in the operation of the boiler, intensive care and prevent gas leakage and the burner automatically shut down.

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