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How To Choose And Buy Is Safe And Reliable Boiler
Mar 01, 2017

Present article search on the Internet can search to the tens of thousands of boiler supply information, see the dazzling.So how to choose a good quality, safe and reliable boiler?

Low production qualification:

Whether food or boiler, production license should be a necessary condition for manufacturers, users can according to the size of the boiler that oneself want to buy to choose to have the corresponding qualifications.

level: A 

Scope of manufacturing:There is no limit

level: B

Scope of manufacturing:Rated steam pressure is less than and equal to 2.5 MPa steam boiler (gauge pressure, similarly hereinafter)


Scope of manufacturing:Rated steam pressure is less than and equal to 2.5 MPa steam boiler (gauge pressure, similarly hereinafter)

level: D

Scope of manufacturing:

The rated steam pressure is less than and equal to 0.1 MPa steam boiler;Water temperature is less than 120 ℃ and the rated wattage rating less than and equal to 2.8 MW hot water boiler 



1.Hold a grade C and above level license boiler manufacturing enterprises, can produce organic heat carrier boiler, only for the manufacture of organic heat carrier boiler, organic heat carrier boiler shall apply for single manufacturing qualification, not need level.

2.As for a single product category manufacturers, can to limit the scope of such as limit parts, material quality, variety, etc




Low quotation, contract a watch factory boiler product quotation or contract that is normal manufacturer

1) the quoted company name and production license is the same name, some illegal businessmen to conclude the transaction, usually go online to download the qualification of others was mixed in it own production qualification;

2) whether the parameters of the quotation in detail, the product case photo is the company's own products.

3) contract remittances account name and the seal is consistent with the production license.

See product contributes presents, instruction manual, certificate of quality is perfect


See the product details and accessories brand

Details have production qualification is threshold, is whether there is originality reflect a enterprise spirit;Good accessories brand escort for equipment quality.

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