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Cause And Solution Of Water Shortage Of Steam Boiler
Mar 18, 2017

Water is the main medium of heat generated in the boiler, steam boiler, drum (shell) contained and maintain a certain amount of water, the steam pressure and the water level of boiler is relatively stable, but also conducive to the natural circulation boiler and steam water separation, is the basic conditions for the safe operation of the boiler.

If the boiler water shortage, will make the boiler heating surface tube overheating deformation even burned collapse; pipe expansion leakage that expanding off; heating surface steel overheating and burning, reduce or loss of bearing capacity, pipe blasting; furnace wall damage, if not handled properly will result in more dire consequences.

So what causes the fuel gas steam boiler water shortage? Mainly in the following areas:

1 operator negligence, lax monitoring of water level;

2 boiler blowdown, not closed and did not close the strict discharge valve, or drain valve leakage;

3 water supply equipment or water supply pipeline failure, so that water supply reduction or interruption;

4 water table steam, water pipe plug, plug leakage or other reasons for the formation of false water level;

5 boiler water wall, convection tube bundle, economizer tube or smoke pipe burst discharge steam.

When the water shortage is found, the water table can be used to judge whether it is mild or severe. The steps are as follows:

1 open water gauge drain cock;

2 close the gauge cock;

3 turn off the water gauge.

At this point in the water table if there is water level, then the boiler for a slight water 

The water level in the table if there is water, it is mild water boiler, otherwise known as severe water shortages.

Boiler slight lack of water, can open the steam water gauge cocks, first of all to restore the normal operation of water table, and reduce the fuel and air supply, combustion, slow water to the boiler, and quickly find out the cause of the boiler water shortage. For boiler water level gradually return to the lowest security above the water line, add fuel and air supply, restore normal combustion boiler.

When the boiler is in a serious water shortage, it is not allowed to supply water to the boiler, because at this time the boiler may be dry, the boiler metal may be in a state of overheating or burning red, once the water will be a serious risk. Boiler water shortage should be in accordance with the procedures for immediate emergency shutdown.

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